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Deborah Mascia radiates creativity, her energetic persona and vast talents are endless. This business owner, designer,  creative director, interior stylist, and world traveler is always on the edge; if the thought and vision is not on the forefront of discovery she's simply not interested and on to the next. 

While minimizing her footprint, Deb is creating magic with used materials. No medium is safe, if she loves it it's fair game! From vintage fabrics, to driftwood and the other unassuming materials, she can elevate any project in the most mindful manner. Her eco-chic platform does not go unnoticed and has been adorned and sought after by Eva Mendes and Cameron Diaz just to name a few.

Having lived and traveled all over the world, Deb pulls her inspirations from culture-rich locales. Her favorites include Barcelona, Cadeques, San Sebastian, Paris, Mexico, Morocco, Greece, Italy, Australia, and her home of Hawaii.



"A green-minded and fashion savvy entrepreneur with a high-wattage smile and big bright eyes, Deb Mascia is endlessly renewable energy personified. Her Kailua shop Muumuu Heaven, blazed the way for sustainable local fashion by making fresh, new, trendy retro designs from vintage clothes and fabrics."

/  Honolulu weekly, 2012/



Through 20+ years of work experience, Deb has casted and created a vast network of talented individuals that make all of her dreams and visions a reality. Her resourcefulness has led Deb to be afforded the privilege of serving the likes of:


The Obama Ohana, Eva Mendes, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Vedder, Jack Johnson & Ohana and many more.